How to?

How to tell someone your heart is breaking, when they don’t listen in the way you need. How to tell someone your soul is crying, when they tell you it’s not even worth it…worth it to be hurt. How do you? You don’t. Bury your hurt, your tears, your suffering on a piece of paper….


Thoughts are just thoughts, it’s what you do with them that fucks you up. Sitting and playing back these thoughts over and over again. The dangerous ones. The ones that hurt others…even if you never lift a finger. I hear them. I feel them. My whole life I have been constantly told to stop assuming…

do you even know who i am?

Would you even recognize me walking down the street today? Would I be just another stranger passing by? Even though we have the same eyes, the same nose, the same complexion. We have similar faces, but I feel nothing like you…I mean, how would I even know? I’m worthy, no matter what your actions said….

Not waiting

Not waiting for you to come back and let me down again. Not waiting for your love, you can keep it.

Look at her now: Selena Gomez

The universe is wild because her new newer song is speaking to me as well…I’m just going to leave this here. “Not saying she was perfect, still regrets that moment, like that night wasn’t wrong, wasn’t right…what a thing to be human, more her more of a woman”. I share this lyric because I just…


Sorry, am I too real? What a paradox, shaming me for being the very natural thing that I am. Yes, I cry. No, I’m still not over it. Yes, I scream in my car when no one is around. No, I won’t stop being human for you.  

Twisted games

You told me you had nightmares of me dying. That without me in your life it would be so empty. You introduced me to others like you were so proud of me. Not even a week later, you drop me. What does that say about you? A lot.

the funny thing

The funny thing is that you felt so far away even when you were close.

bye, sad girl.

I understand everything now. My thoughts are all in order. My feelings silently bobbing back and forth in the river of my heart. I understand. No more sad girl. Bye, sad girl. Bye, angry girl. Thank you, for reminding me that real love is out there. Thank you for reminding me to fight for myself….

Isn’t it harmless?

I knew I deserved better. I knew I deserved to be treated with basic human respect. But I thought, “Isn’t it harmless?” I should’ve left last year and the year before and the year before that year…I should’ve just walked the other way. I should’ve closed my door, locked it, throwing the key into the…

I feel bad for you

You’re supposed to be grown, but you act like a toddler. You let your insecurity consume you and you think that it gives you a free pass to be so cruel. You live for yourself to the point I question your humanity, do you even have a heart? Or does your black heart only beat…

I am enough

I wasn’t enough for you… or maybe I was too much for you. I’m sitting here trying to figure out which one it is. You expect me to be happy for you, you expect me to act like nothing happened. How do you expect this from me? You say one thing. Then another. Do you…